Gift Voucher Sale

Welcome to purchase our gift voucher, the best way of gifting.

Our voucher can be used to purchase any product of the same or less value than the voucher value of selected currency on this website.

365 Days

Voucher Details

Please read these carefully:

The voucher holder must use the voucher number, voucher value in correct currency to redeem the voucher for booking payment.

The voucher can only be used once. After using it, any residual value can not be used for further booking payment.

If booking is changed and the booking value is reduced, no refund or exchange will be provided to reduced voucher payment amount.

If booking is cancelled, the voucher value will be restored and can be used for other booking payment.

The voucher is a non refundable cash voucher. Please keep the voucher value and voucher number private and safe..

We do not reissue or cancel the lost voucher or leaked voucher number nor compensate for the loss.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions.

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